Saturday, November 17, 2012

Keeping Secrets in a Marriage


There should be NO secrets in a marriage.
Just recently I was made aware that a pastor, while counselling a couple who were experiencing marriage problems, told the husband that it is OK for the wife to have a secret with her boss. This is totally against God's Word.
I tremble to imagine what else this pastor is telling other people.


Remember, God's Word is Like a double edged Sword. It cuts deep and it is incorruptible. Do not be misled by false teaching. God warns us to guard our hearts. That's where we are judged. Secrets are refereed to as being hidden and being hidden is refereed to by God as darkness.
If a spouse believes there is room in a marriage for secrets they are misled and opening the door for the devil. To keep a secret from your spouse is total defiance the same as trying to keep it from God. You are in an unparalleled Covenant with the Most High God. The covenant is sacred and God warns us clearly......"let no man put asunder".

Do not let anyone convince you that it is OK to have even one secret in your marriage.
I recently heard a pastor say to a couple she was counselling that it is OK for the wife to keep a secret with her boss. That is against God's Word and should not even have been considered when counselling a couple who are experiencing problems in their marriage.

Having a secret in your marriage is open segregation, encouraging separation, exclusion, defiance and an open insult to the husband. There is absolutely nothing that is too personal in a marriage.

If one hides ANYTHING! from one’s spouse they are in agreement with someone outside the marriage, ex-communicating the spouse from a pact they have with someone else, (being in secret with another man), placing the outsider/friend/boss higher than the husband, showing the husband he is not worthy of knowing or being included, dishonoring the husband, being deceitful, disloyal, a direct statement and challenging stance; “I will have secrets with another man if I think it is important to me”, in other words, “go to hell”.

The pastor says it is OK so it's OK? Wrong. God warns us to guard our hearts because the devil is prowling around waiting to devour. God says if it is not of God, it is of the devil. When you Guard your heart you guard what is precious to you. Let this be a warning; do not believe everything a pastor tells you. They are people, not God(s). Check with God! He is your counselor. Psalm1:1-3 UnGodly Counsel


This is a rather poor show of Gods guidance. A pastor should know better. One can only imagine what else this pastor is telling God's children. Coming from a woman pastor this could give the wife the impression she is "in favour".

There are many scriptures where God refers to secrets. Secrets are things hidden, hidden refers to darkness.

Here are just a few.
1Pet_3:4, “the hidden man of the heart”; 1Cor_4:5, krupton, “the hidden things of darkness”; 2Cor_4:2, “the hidden things of dishonesty,” the Revised Version (British and American) “of shame”); of apokru´pto¯, “to hide away,” trop., not to reveal or make known (1Cor_2:7, “But we speak God's wisdom in a mystery, even the wisdom that hath been hidden”; compare Eph_3:9; Col_1:26).


Do not be led by man, especially a woman – it is not scriptural - period. God made the man the High Priest of the home. Do not let anyone tell you that it is OK to keep secrets in your marriage. If you believe it is OK you are listening to the devil who is the father of all lies.

If you are a woman and you are having a problem letting your man be your "man", you are in need of corrective counselling. Consult God on the matter. You may have to change and submit to God first. God commands us all for our own good. Don't be fooled by what man says. Man failed since Adam. Be obedient to His command and see the change in your marriage and your life. Help for Un-submissive women

Don't try to change God's Word to suite yourself. Obedience, change and sacrifice are vital ingredients in God's recipe for a better life. God made women for His purpose and His instruction is part of his Divine plan. Don't go against Him.

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